Helen Fensom

Cruise Consultant

Helen Fensom
Even with over 25 years behind me in the travel industry I have not been everywhere, but it is on my list!
My favourite destination
View of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy

I could argue for many places but my favourite destination has to be Italy, a country offering a variety of experiences with a diverse range of landscapes to enjoy.

Explore the lakes in the north, some of the most beautiful cities in the world, the historic west coast area of Pompeii and not forgetting the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Indulge in fine ice cream, pasta, pizza and of course some of the finest wines.

My top cruising tip

Get excited and plan ahead, ensure you make the most of not only your time on board but also your time in port.

Most cruise lines can offer an amazing selection of experiences to enjoy that you can reserve before you sail, but of course feel free to leave a little spare time and just go with your mood!