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Matthew Lonsdale


Matthew Lonsdale
The Romans said “Carpe Diem”; the Ramones sang “Hey, ho, let’s go”. Irrespective of the source, it’s the same great advice!
My favourite destination
Grand Canal, Venice

Because Venice is so often the beginning or the end of a cruise voyage, it has become perhaps the Clapham Junction of the maritime world; all about interchange and travel logistics (as well as ludicrously over-priced coffee).

And yet, only a few minutes' walk away from the carnival hurly-burly of St Mark's, there is a fantastic world of possibility and wonder that never fails to delight. (Not to mention some of the best art in the Western world only a short train ride away).

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My top cruising tip

It is a truth, universally acknowledged that few things are grimmer than disembarkation.

Trudging off a ship in the early hours you may feel you're being expelled from Eden, especially if your next stop is the hell of an international airport. My tip is to add a day to your holiday and go straight to the luxury hotel that Mundy wisely booked for you (you did speak to us about booking a day/overnight room, now didn't you?) and then, with your suitcases safely stowed and forgotten about, you can forget that you have come off a ship and straightaway start behaving like a luxury cruiser again.