Alex Loizou

Director of Sales & Marketing

Alex Loizou
Visiting an amazing destination lets you see a snap shot of that place at that time, something that you’ll be able to carry with you forever, making travel a wonderfully enriching and personal experience.
My favourite destination
Bagan balloons

Although I've always been enthralled by the wonderful culture and diversity of the Far East, Myanmar is my favourite place as its charm has yet to be overly commercialised.

It's rare to be able to feel like you're amongst the very first to visit a country and in Myanmar you can travel from the deserted and pristine beaches of the Mergui Archipelago to the breathtaking plains of Bagan where the stunning photos absolutely live up to the reality.

My top cruising tip

Whether I’ve been trekking, or on an overland tour, I’ve always built in some time somewhere to relax and a day at sea allows you to do exactly the same thing.

Enjoy the excuse to go to the late risers breakfast, sit by the pool with a book, or even just enjoy a long lunch. Although often avoided, especially by those new to cruising, a day at sea on a busy itinerary takes away the pressure of having to explore and instead allows you to relax guilt free.