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6 of the best World Cruises in 2023, 2024 and 2025

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As countries across the world continue to open up and Covid travel restrictions fade away, the appeal of a world cruise has only grown, and it's not uncommon for itineraries to sell out the day they go on sale.

It's no surprise at a time when overseas travel still feels a little bit difficult. What could be more appealing than planning ahead for the ultimate holiday of a lifetime, ticking off your whole 'must see' bucket list in the course of one trip - and without having to pack and unpack. Your secure bubble is going to be one of the safest environments in the world.

The ships we prefer, with a small passenger complement of under 1,000 guests, are perfect if you enjoy lots of space, no queues and high standards of attention to detail in all aspects of your trip. As a full World Cruiser (which means you are taking the whole voyage from start to finish, rather than a shorter sector), you will also find that lots of extra treats and bonuses are thrown in, to make your journey extra special.

Don't wait for prices to go down - they won't! So book as early as you can to get exactly the accommodation to suit you for all those days away. You will get the best fares, and often there are lots of extra inclusions, such as business class flights.

Silversea World Cruise in New York

Not all 'World Cruises' are circumnavigations, and there is a surprising variety in itineraries, so take the time to work out your priorities, and have your expert Mundy cruise consultant advise you on which will be perfect for you - this is an investment after all, so you need to choose well.

Obviously you need to plan ahead for such a trip - you need to clear out your diary, maybe arrange for someone to live in your house, certainly find a temporary new home for the dogs. So whether you are planning for 2023, or you're already ready to commit for 2024 or even 2025, there are plenty of options available. Here are our top choices:


Both Silversea's 2023 and 2024 world cruises on Silver Shadow are currently full, so we're excited to have had word of their 2025 itinerary. Departing 13 January from Tokyo, the 136-day voyage will end in New York. The only information released about the route (at the time of writing) is that it will visit a set of destinations and countries that are brand new for a Silversea world cruise. In a significant change the sailing will be aboard Silver Dawn, the newest ship in the fleet, so guests will benefit from the incredibly popular S.A.L.T. culinary concept, the new Otium wellness programme and a larger number of the popular Silver Suites to choose from, so we expect this to be a popular decision. An on-sale date hasn't been released yet but do call us to register your interest.

Silversea - Silver Dawn

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

For many, Regent offers the perfect world cruise, with shore excursions included and lovely spacious accommodation even at entry level. As a result, a sell-out is not unusual. The 2025 itinerary will be the longest ever operated by Regent, departing Miami on 7 January, and arriving in San Francisco 150 days later. You will travel along the east coast of South America, enjoy scenic cruising in Antarctica, then sail the Pacific including Easter Island, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and finally Alaska. Open for general sale on 15 June 2022, expect availability to be limited.

Regent Seven Seas Mariner in Moorea, French Polynesia


Seabourn don't always operate a world cruise, often choosing to offer a selection of grand voyages instead, so when it does happen you know it's going to be particularly special. Their 145-day 2024 world voyage is now on sale, leaving LA on 11 January and visiting Hawaii and the South Pacific islands, New Zealand and Australia, with extensive calls in Asia and ending in Barcelona via the Suez Canal.

Some space also remains on the 2023 sailing from Miami to Barcelona: 140 fascinating days departing Miami on 6 January and sailing through the Canal then across the South Pacific to Australia. You will then journey on to South Africa and the Indian Ocean before reaching the Mediterranean for disembarkation in Barcelona.

Seabourn Sojourn


Although not a small ship it would be remiss not to mention Cunard, who celebrate 100 years of world cruises with two centenary voyages. Queen Victoria operates a 101-night Southampton round-trip, departing 11 January 2023 and heading west through the Caribbean and Panama Canal to enjoy highlights including Hawaii, Sydney, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Petra and a Suez Canal transit before reaching the Med.

Queen Mary 2 operates a 117-night New York round-trip departing on 3 January 2023, sailing east to the UK and Med, through the Suez Canal to Asia, rounding Australia and then returning via Mauritius, South Africa, the Canary Islands and the UK.

Cunard - Queen Mary 2 in Sydney
Edwina Lonsdale, Mundy Cruising
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