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4 golden holiday ideas to celebrate 50 years

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Whether or not you are celebrating a 50th anniversary or even a 50th birthday this year, these 4 glittering golden holiday ideas should make it straight to the top of your 'to do' list…

Golden Horizon

Next year sees the launch of new cruise line Tradewind Voyages and the world's largest square-rigged sailing vessel, Golden Horizon. This extraordinary ship is a near replica of the 1913-built ocean vessel, France II. When you choose this ship for your holiday, you will enjoy a relaxed and informal style on board, as well as the excitement of travelling under sail when possible. All 140 cabins have sea views, and if you prefer more space there are some beautiful suites with balconies.

After an inaugural season sailing from the UK next summer, Golden Horizon will start exploring further afield powered by nature, using the wind and currents and following ancient trade routes to explore the oceans of the world.

Tradewind Voyages - Golden Horizon

The Golden Gate Bridge

Visitors to San Francisco are captivated by this suspension bridge, one of the Wonders of the Modern World, which spans the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Even before the discovery of gold in California, the strait was named Chrysopylae, or Golden Gate, by John C. Frémont, who said it was a golden gate to trade with the Far East.

Ships calling at San Francisco are often en route from the Panama Canal to Alaska, or setting off on a Hawaiian islands cruise. Brits on their way to Tahiti can also break their journey here.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The Golden Pagoda of Yangon (Rangoon)

The Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Golden Pagoda, attracts visitors from all over the world to marvel at it glowing gold-plated stupa. Myanmar (Burma) is often referred to as 'the Golden Land' because of the abundant use of gold leaf on its temples and shrines.

Visitors might visit Yangon as a port of call on a cruise out of Singapore, or en route from India to South East Asia. Ocean ships can sail upriver to the city itself, and will usually stop for a couple of days to facilitate touring. Another great alternative is a river cruise on the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy).

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

The Golden Circle, Iceland

The Golden Circle consists of three locations in southwest Iceland, easy to visit from Reykjavik prior to boarding your cruise. Thingvellir National Park has outstanding significance both geologically (a fissure between two tectonic plates) and historically as the site of the world's oldest democratic parliament founded in 930. The famous geyser Strokkur spouts every few minutes, sending a jet of piping hot water up to 60 feet into the air. Finally, don't miss the Gullfoss waterfall, where thousands of tons of icy water thunder majestically down in a double fall into a deep gorge.

Great options out of Reykjavik include a cruise on Windstar's Star Pride or on one of Ponant's Icelandic Mosaic itineraries.

Gulfoss waterfall, Golden Circle, Iceland
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