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Ask the Experts: November 2022

Cruise Advice

In out latest section of Cruise Advice, we answer some common queries that come across our desks...

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"When I was on holiday in the South of France, I saw a really beautiful, huge sailing ship anchored in the bay and I understand it is possible to take a cruise on one of these; can you help?"

Sharon Trigg

Sharon Trigg - Reservations Manager

There is a small selection of magnificent cruise sailing ships, and you are right to think this could make a great holiday: cruising in the Mediterranean or Caribbean under full sail can be quite magical, and of course the ships by their very nature are small and intimate. Options are traditional vessels such as Sea Cloud, the lovely Tall Ships of Star Clippers, and Windstar's classic sailing yachts. To understand how the on board experience differs from other cruises, learn more about itineraries and find out what to expect when you choose one of these cruise options, give me a call to talk it through.

"I was a huge fan of Crystal Cruises and hear they are returning to service - when will I be able to book?"

Cathy Ellis

Cathy Ellis - Cruise Consultant

Yes, it is exciting news that Crystal's ocean going ships Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity have been bought, and are currently in Trieste to be refurbished ready to resume operations in summer 2023. We expect bookings to open towards the end of the year. The new company is currently developing itineraries and recruiting staff - fingers crossed they will manage to recruit many of the old Crystal officers and crew to create an on board experience even better than the former Crystal Cruises, which was after all the World's Best. The rebirth of Crystal Cruises is very close to our hearts, so we will constantly be updating you with news as we hear it.

"I read that Venice was closed to cruise ships, but I still see it featured in itineraries. Can you still sail from Venice?"

Hayley Hogan

Hayley Hogan - Cruise Consultant

In July 2021, after many years of wrangling, Italy permanently banned large cruise ships from entering the Venice Lagoon via the Giudecca Canal to protect it from pollution and erosion. Counter intuitively the cruise lines supported the ban, and had been waiting impatiently for the development of an alternative cruise terminal nearby at Port Marghera, which is now in operation. The ban prohibits all vessels larger than GRT25,000 which means that you will still see Venice featured on some small ship cruise itineraries. There are two very attractive alternative turnaround ports in north eastern Italy you will see featured: Trieste and Ravenna, both very charming towns with lots to do for tourists.

"I love to cruise, but with costs going up at home, how can I save money when booking my holiday?"

Helen Fensom

Helen Fensom - Cruise Consultant

First of all, I can't resist reminding you what great value cruising is, with all the inclusions that come as standard. Next time you find yourself landed with a bill for breakfast in a luxury hotel at £25 per head, I know that will come to mind! Early or late season options are often priced very attractively for early bookers, as are repositioning voyages. Long back to back cruises can also be very temptingly priced on a 'per day' basis. Late offers can look great, but with soaring flight costs the saving can soon be wiped out. And definitely plan to rebook on board - there is usually a good saving, and you can refer your booking straight back to me to take care of all the details.

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