Viking Ultimate World Cruise
31 Aug - 1 May
244 Nights
116 Ports
Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ultimate World Cruise

31 August 2019 - 1 May 2020
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244 Nights

Journey Type

Sailing from the UK


116 Ports

31 August - 1 September

Setting sail from London (Greenwich)

Greenwich is one of London's most fascinating boroughs, rich in maritime history and with a discernible seaside feel, in spite of the fact that it lies just 8 miles downstream from the city centre. This was once the seat of British naval power, and you can learn more about the area's seafaring heritage at the fascinating National Maritime Museum. Other attractions include the Cutty Sark, the O2 Arena and the Royal Observatory, where you can straddle two hemispheres by placing one foot either side of the Greenwich Meridian Line.

2 September

United Kingdom: Dover

3 September

At sea

4 September

Ireland: Dublin

5 September

United Kingdom: Liverpool

6 September

United Kingdom: Holyhead

7 September

United Kingdom: Belfast

8 September

United Kingdom: Ullapool

9 September

United Kingdom: Kirkwall (Orkney Islands)

10 September

United Kingdom: Newhaven

11 September

United Kingdom: Invergordon

12 September

United Kingdom: Lerwick

13-15 September

Norway: Bergen

16 September

United Kingdom: Lerwick

17 September

Faroe Islands: Tórshavn

18 September

At sea

19 September

Iceland: Reykjavik

20 September

At sea

21 September

Greenland: Nanortalik

22 September

Greenland: Qaqortoq

23 September

At sea

24 September

Canada: L'Anse aux Meadows

25 September

At sea

26 September

Canada: Saguenay

27 September

Canada: Québec City

28-29 September

Canada: Montréal

30 September

Canada: Québec City

1 October

Canada: Saguenay

2 October

At sea

3 October

Canada: Gaspé

4 October

At sea

5 October

Canada: Halifax

6 October

At sea

7-8 October

United States: Boston

9-11 October

United States: New York

12 October

At sea

13-14 October

Bermuda: Hamilton

15-16 October

At sea

17 October

Antigua and Barbuda: St John's

18 October

Dominica: Roseau

19 October

Saint Kitts and Nevis: Saint Kitts

20 October

Sint Maarten: Philipsburg

21 October

British Virgin Islands: Tortola

22 October

U.S. Virgin Islands: St Thomas

23-25 October

Puerto Rico: San Juan

26 October

At sea

27 October

Barbados: Bridgetown

28 October

At sea

29 October

French Guiana: Isles Du Salut

30-31 October

At sea

1 November

Brazil: Santarém

2 November

Brazil: Parintins

3-4 November

Brazil: Manaus

5-8 November

At sea

9 November

Brazil: Recife

10 November

At sea

11 November

Brazil: Salvador

12 November

At sea

13-14 November

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

15-16 November

At sea

17 November

Uruguay: Montevideo

18-19 November

Argentina: Buenos Aires

20 November

Uruguay: Montevideo

21-22 November

At sea

23 November

Argentina: Puerto Madryn

24 November

At sea

25-26 November

Falkland Islands: Stanley

27 November

At sea

28 November

Argentina: Ushuaia

29-30 November

At sea

1 December

Chile: Punta Arenas

2-3 December

At sea

4 December

Chile: Puerto Chacabuco

5 December

At sea

6 December

Chile: Puerto Montt

7 December

At sea

8-10 December

Chile: Valparaíso

11 December

Chile: Coquimbo

12 December

At sea

13 December

Chile: Iquique

14 December

Peru: Arequipa (Matarani)

15 December

At sea

16 December

Peru: General San Martin (Pisco)

17 December

Peru: Lima (Callao)

18-19 December

At sea

20 December

Ecuador: Manta

21-23 December

At sea

24 December

Costa Rica: Puerto Caldera

25 December

At sea

26 December

Guatemala: Puerto Quetzal

27-29 December

At sea

30 December

Mexico: Cabo San Lucas

31 December - 1 January

At sea

2 January

United States: San Diego

3-4 January

United States: Los Angeles

5-11 January

At sea

12 January

French Polynesia: Taiohae

13 January

At sea

14-15 January

French Polynesia: Papeete

16 January

French Polynesia: Bora Bora

17 January

At sea

18 January

Cook Islands: Rarotonga

19-21 January

At sea

22 January

Tonga: Nuku'Alofa

23 January

At sea

24 January

Fiji: Suva

25-26 January

At sea

27 January

New Zealand: Bay of Islands

28-29 January

New Zealand: Auckland

30 January

New Zealand: Tauranga

31 January

New Zealand: Napier

1 February

New Zealand: Wellington

2 February

New Zealand: Christchurch

3 February

New Zealand: Dunedin

4-6 February

At sea

7 February

Australia: Hobart

8 February

At sea

9 February

Australia: Melbourne

10 February

At sea

11-12 February

Australia: Sydney

13 February

At sea

14 February

Australia: Brisbane

15 February

At sea

16 February

Australia: Airlie Beach

17 February

Australia: Cairns

18 February

At sea

19 February

Australia: Thursday Island

20-21 February

At sea

22 February

Australia: Darwin

23 February

At sea

24 February

Indonesia: Komodo Island

25 February

Indonesia: Benoa (Bali)

26 February

At sea

27 February

Indonesia: Semarang

28-29 February

At sea

1-2 March

Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu

3 March

At sea

4-5 March

Philippines: Manila

6 March

At sea

7 March

China: Xiamen

8-10 March

Hong Kong SAR China: Hong Kong

11-12 March

At sea

13-15 March

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

16 March

At sea

17 March

Cambodia: Sihanoukville

18-19 March

Thailand: Bangkok (Laem Chabang)

20 March

Thailand: Koh Samui

21 March

At sea

22 March

Singapore: Singapore

23 March

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang)

24 March

Malaysia: Penang

25 March

Thailand: Phuket

26-27 March

At sea

28 March

India: Chennai

29-30 March

At sea

31 March

India: Kochi

1 April

At sea

2 April

India: Mormugao (Goa)

3 April

India: Mumbai

4-5 April

At sea

6 April

Oman: Muscat

7-12 April

At sea

13 April

Jordan: Aqaba

14 April

Egypt: Safaga (Luxor)

15-16 April

At sea

17 April

Egypt: Alexandria

18-19 April

At sea

20-21 April

Malta: Valletta

22 April

Italy: Cagliari

23 April

Algeria: Algiers

24 April

Spain: Cartagena

25 April

Spain: Málaga

26 April

At sea

27 April

Portugal: Porto

28-29 April

At sea

30 April

United Kingdom: Dover

1-2 May

Arriving in London (Greenwich)

The Ship

Your home from home

Viking Ocean Cruises - Viking Star in Venice
Viking Ocean Cruises - Viking Star Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
Viking Ocean Cruises - Viking Star main pool with roof open

Viking’s hugely successful river cruise operation is now expanded with contemporary 930 guest ocean ships – six lovely sisters to start with – featuring attractive inclusive pricing and interesting itineraries.

What we love

The airy contemporary style of the ships, with fresh Nordic décor, is most appealing. Add to that the huge choices in dining and other facilities, and veranda staterooms throughout, not to mention included shore excursions and an excellent spa, and you have a winner.

Capacity 930 Guests
Crew 602 International Staff

On Viking it is all about the destination. Back on board, expect to socialise with like-minded travellers, in an easy, spacious and understated hotel style environment.

Year Built 2015 (Viking Star) / 2016 (Viking Sky & Viking Sea) / 2017 (Viking Sun) / 2018 (Viking Orion) / 2019 (Viking Jupiter)
Tonnage 47,800 grt
Length 748 feet
Breadth 95 feet
Cruising Speed 20 knots
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Viking Ultimate World Cruise

31 August 2019 - 1 May 2020
Call us for prices - you'll never pay more than the price advertised by the cruise line


244 Nights

Journey Type

Sailing from the UK


116 Ports


Viking Sun of Viking Ocean Cruises

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