Share Radio Travel Guide February 2016 with SeaDream Yacht Club


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On this month's edition of the Share Radio Travel Guide with Mundy Cruising, we talked about combining two of life's great pleasures: cruise holidays and wine!

We were joined in the studio on 4th February by Ida Elisabeth Dønheim, who has the enviable job title of Wine Director at SeaDream Yacht Club...

We talked about just what it is that makes SeaDream one of our favourite ways to travel - the relaxed atmosphere, the intimacy of a 112-guest yacht, the al fresco dining - and Ida told us more about SeaDream's new specialist wine voyages in the Mediterranean.

It doesn't matter whether you're a wine connoisseur or a total novice when it comes to the difference between a Malbec and a Merlot, these voyages sound like great fun and an innovative way to ensure that you come back from your holiday feeling not just refreshed, but having learnt something useful too!

So if you like the sound of SeaDream then why not give us a call on 020 7399 7670 and we can find the perfect voyage for you, whether it's a full-bodied and flavoursome trip to the French Riviera or a whistlestop tour around the sun-dappled vineyards of Italy and Greece.

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