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Tradewind Voyages: The latest on this exciting new cruise line


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On a welcome note of positivity and excitement, startup cruise line Tradewind Voyages opens for sale later this month, with a great philosophy: "We will follow the sun, using the winds and the currents, to take us to magical beaches and iconic destinations".

Golden Horizon, the world's largest square-rigged sailing ship, will carry 272 passengers with a crew of 159. The operation will start next May, with a range of ex UK voyages in Northern Europe before sailing to the Mediterranean, Asia and further afield. A near replica of the 1913-built ocean vessel France II, Golden Horizon will operate under full sail whenever possible.

Nine voyages will be offered from the UK during summer 2021 - seven will leave from the east coast port of Harwich, and two from Glasgow. Some great itineraries are on offer, with destinations including Iceland in depth, the Norwegian Fjords, the British Isles, of course, and the Baltic. One highlight will be a British maritime-themed voyage. To delight sailing enthusiasts, the ship will anchor off Cowes for the traditional regatta fireworks display. Itineraries range from 7 to 21 days and fares start from £1,399 per person for a 7-night cruise.

Tradewind Voyages - Golden Horizon

In September 2021, the excitement mounts as Golden Horizon sails to the Mediterranean in preparation for the first of her voyages 'Powered by Nature'. The Tradewind itinerary planners have been studying charts in use for 150 years or more, checking the ancient trade routes that took merchants carrying spices, silks, precious metals and other treasures between Europe, India and the Far East.

Golden Horizon starts her wide-ranging programme with the historic maritime Silk Route to Jakarta, and on to Bali. The journey is divided into sectors ranging from 7 to 16 nights, giving you the opportunity to explore in depth along the way. Remote and secluded ports of call make for an exciting adventure following in the footsteps of traders of old. A series of Australian journeys follows (winter 2021/2022), after which Nature's design takes Golden Horizon westwards across the Indian Ocean to East Africa and back to Asia.

Whilst the ship will of course have engine power, the plan is to sail wherever possible with the prevailing winds and currents, and the management expect that the ship will be under sail for around 70% of each season, resulting in a maritime experience that will appeal to sailors, adventurers, seafarers, historians and more. So whilst traditional cruisers will no doubt enjoy the product, it is expected to have a more wide-ranging appeal amongst inquisitive travellers, with fascinating expert lecturers on board, and a great watersports programme from the marina at the back of the ship. This will be an English-speaking ship, and the UK will be the primary source of new business.

Tradewind Voyages - Golden Horizon

To identify the perfect itinerary for you, you can choose the theme that suits you. Hidden Beaches voyages will appeal to those who love to be in the water in beautiful surroundings, while Cultural Immersion voyages are all about the destination, the local people, the history and the civilisations along the way. A Sailing Experience is the perfect choice if you love sea days, navigation and maritime history - you might even get to steer the ship if you choose.

Hot off the press is the news that designs are well under way for a second ship, so watch this space - Tradewind Voyages is setting course for a rosy future.

Download the Tradewind Voyages brochure

Launching in 2021, Tradewind Voyages is a brand new cruise line, operating the world's largest square-rigged sailing vessel, the Golden Horizon. Download the brochure for a taste of what to expect from this remarkable ship.

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