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Take to the skies with a private jet tour


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So often we hear this remark: "I love to travel... But I just can't bear airports. All the hassle of getting through security, fighting through the crowds, constantly watching the screens for updates, it's all too much."

If that rings a bell with you, imagine this: departing from a private terminal, with someone else taking care of all the detail. Then climbing the steps of your private jet, in the company of a select few fellow travellers, en route for somewhere extra special.

Of course we all know about the super rich and their own private jets. But did you know that a number of companies offer private jet tours, with specially curated itineraries for an extra special touring experience?

New to the market is Crystal AirCruises, with Private Jet Global Journeys offered on their own custom designed 777. They kick off in partnership with Peninsula Hotels at the end of August 2017, with an exclusive Asian exploration of some of Peninsula's finest hotels in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok. And this is just the first of their air cruises (so far six itineraries have been announced), representing the ultimate in private jet tours.

Crystal's offering is a cut above the competition - options from Four Seasons, TCS, Abercrombie and Kent, Captain's Choice and more don't really aspire to the Crystal level of delivery, with a vast range of choices on every trip including Exhilarating Adventures, Cultural Discoveries, People Connections and Tantalising Gastronomy.

Prestige Holidays recently announced a 20 night Grand South American Journey by private jet, with the emphasis on visiting, in a single trip, a range of destinations you simply couldn't manage to combine if you tried to put the journey together yourself, including Easter Island, the Galapagos and Cuba. Meanwhile SeaDream Yacht Club have teamed with TCS to give you a relaxing Mediterranean cruise combined with an exciting African safari.

One collection we find particularly appealing is the Designed by Us programme from UK company Private Jet Tours, especially curated with the UK guest in mind. Private Jet Tours recognise that British and European travellers like to travel in a different way to those from other parts of the globe, preferring shorter durations, and really getting to know our destinations. We prefer to travel in smaller groups, and we like the idea of leaving the UK in our private jet and landing back to the UK in the same jet at the end of the tour.

The tours begin at a luxury hotel the night before setting forth, so everyone gets the opportunity to meet each other and the Tour Management Team. Enjoy the comfort of a private lounge and its facilities whilst your passport and documents are checked and handed back. Your luggage will have travelled on ahead to the airport with the travelling porter, who will oversee the loading. On arrival in your destination, your luggage will travel on ahead with the porter and will be waiting for you in your room once you've checked in.

The themed tours include In the Footsteps of the Romanovs, Ultimate Gardens, For the Love of Food and Wine, the Performing Arts, and the Midnight Sun, with fares starting from £19,995 per person for nine nights.

To learn more about the range on offer and exactly how these tours work, why not join us for a special presentation on Tuesday 21 March - call 020 7399 7621 for more information.

Edwina Lonsdale
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Edwina Lonsdale is Managing Director and, together with husband Matthew, owner of Mundy Cruising.

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