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Mundy regulars will know that our focus is mainly on the luxury, the quirky, the slightly 'off the radar'. So whilst we have huge admiration for the extraordinary innovations and vision of the larger brands and ships, they tend not to be featured so often in these pages.

But I can't resist talking about Celebrity Edge, combining Celebrity's premium product delivery with an exciting new ship which has to be the coolest thing we've seen for many a year. This is a ship which will appeal to all ages, including the mythical millennial, that elusive creature that marketeers around the world are constantly trying to define.

A friend (and great Crystal fan) emailed me the other day to tell me she had suggested meeting her son and his girlfriend, en route back from a sabbatical in New Zealand, for a holiday together. With carte blanche on where and how the meeting might take place, they had selected Celebrity Edge as their number one choice. She was worried - 'will I like it?' I was able to reassure her that she would - but at a cost! For a week in the Caribbean in December - well let's just say she could have gone on Seabourn for less.

Celebrity regulars will know the existing product is pretty cool - so what's new about the Edge? First of all, the incredible Magic Carpet - a cantilevered, floating platform that reaches heights of 13 storeys above sea level, which can be raised and lowered up and down the side of the ship. With comfortable seating, a full bar and space for live performances, it becomes a specialty restaurant in the evening, whilst during the day it can be moved down to Deck 2 to assist with disembarkation in tender ports.

Celebrity Edge - magic carpet

There are some amazing accommodation options, in particular the new Edge Villas at the top of the range, two storey 950 square foot residences with private plunge pools, and the Infinite Veranda, which makes your balcony part of your cabin, thanks to bi-fold doors that can be opened completely - similar to what we see on river vessels.

Celebrity Edge - Edge Villas

The Pool Deck (Celebrity refer to it as the 'Resort Deck') has a pool flanked by unique treetop sculptures and two two-storey Jacuzzis. Unlike many ships where everything faces towards the pool, there is lots of seating facing out towards the sea, and private cabanas for daily hire (at extra cost). The plant filled Rooftop Garden is a great place to relax during the day and enjoy dining from the Grill, live music and movies in the evenings.

Exclusively for suite class guests there is a chic outdoor area and a dedicated restaurant, Luminae, but non suite guests will not be short of facilities. An extensive spa and wellness area includes numerous treatment rooms and a number of different venues including the Sea Thermal Suite, adults only solarium, and a dedicated healthy eating restaurant.

Celebrity Edge Spa

Endless dining options mean that you can eat somewhere different every single night, from a totally relaxed and casual experience to a really unforgettable dinner in one of the speciality restaurants. Likewise there are loads of different bars and lounges so you can be in on the action or away from the crowds, whatever your mood. Particularly spectacular will be Eden - a venue on three levels, with glass walls and extensive ocean views, featuring dining, performance art and more.

Celebrity Edge will alternate between Eastern and Western Caribbean one week itineraries during the winter before positioning to the Med for the summer. So if you're looking for something really cool to do with the family, call us now!

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