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At Mundy Cruising, we pride ourselves on taking time to get to know you, to understand your preferences and learn about your tastes, in order to be help you select the perfect trip.

As everyone is different, there is no 'one size fits all' answer to the question "Which cruise line is the best for solo travellers?". We do have a few recommendations though!

Best of the Best: Crystal Cruises

The all-inclusive 'Best of the Best' cruise lines are a good choice if you are travelling alone. You avoid the hassle of constantly signing for things, and also the embarrassment of organising who is going to buy the wine at dinner, or host a round of cocktails in the bar. You can flit from group to group without feeling the obligation to return the kindness of a drink bought.

Crystal is our top choice for solos for a number of reasons: the ships are large enough to have a lot going on, with an excellent selection of onboard activities, classes and entertainment, and some great shore excursions. Large tables hosted by officers and ambassadors are often available in Waterside and the alternative restaurants have special solo nights to enable you to join others and enjoy the fantastic menus in Prego and the superb Umi Uma. Most importantly, solo fares on Crystal are very attractive, with rates starting from just 15% single supplement on certain cruises.

Solo traveller on Crystal Cruises

Best for river cruising: Tauck

River cruising is an excellent choice if you are quite a traveller, and are seeking out ways to explore the world on your own: from the safe environment of your river vessel, carrying you from place to place as the perfect convenient base, you can sally forth alone or with others to get to know the beautiful towns and cities en route.

There are many options, but Tauck offer meticulously planned itineraries and have unique relationships to offer 'uncommon access' - experiences that you simply couldn't get with another company. They also waive single supplements on their lead-in room grade for all European river cruises.

Tauck River Cruising - Swiss Emerald in Bernkastel

Best for small ship cruising: Hebridean Island Cruises

Some people travelling alone prefer to avoid the very small ships, for fear of being surrounded by couples. On Hebridean Princess this will definitely not be the case: this tiny Scottish country house hotel at sea embraces all its guests like old friends, and you will be welcomed as a valued guest at a very special house party.

Those travelling alone dine at a hosted table in the centre of the intimate dining room, having chosen one of the perfectly designed single cabins as their comfy home from home. By the end of the first day, you will be on first name terms with everyone.

Hebridean Princess

Best for interesting itineraries: Voyages to Antiquity

If your idea of a great trip is to understand more about the history, culture and natural wonders of the ancient world, then Voyages to Antiquity's little Aegean Odyssey could be for you. Carefully crafted destination-rich itineraries and a stimulating lecture programme on board ensure that your time on shore is as rewarding as your time on the ship. Lecturers include historians, professors, archaeologists and more, whilst sightseeing tours, land stays and gratuities are also included.

Voyages to Antiquity is a great choice if you are travelling on your own, with low supplements, dedicated single cabins and a friendly atmosphere on board. As you'll go ashore on the included shore excursions with the same group of people each time, it's really easy to get to know your fellow passengers, whilst the open-seating dining policy furthers the camaraderie.

Voyages To Antiquity - Aegean Odyssey in Dubrovnik
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