Susan Dogan

Cruise Consultant

Susan Dogan, Cruise Consultant at Mundy Cruising
Travel has always been my passion, and I love the challenge of piecing together the perfect trip, with just the right balance of discovery and relaxation.
My favourite destination
The Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman

A world away from the glitz and glamour of the UAE, Oman has an authenticity that's delightful.

I recently visited Muscat and enjoyed wandering around the souk, frankincense wafting from incense burners, and the Grand Mosque was enthralling, with a mixture of differing Islamic styles from across the world. There are also some welcome modern trappings; we found a Costa Coffee on the beach, so I made use of the WiFi while my husband was helped to arrange the new turban he had bought!

Explore Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean

My top cruising tip

Do take some time to consider what you wish to see in each port of call and think how it fits into a wider itinerary.

It's nice to have a mix of history or culture, with perhaps a culinary tour or even a day just to wander independently, and a little planning can make for a more balanced trip.