Sometimes, all you want to do is fly in, transfer to your ship, and settle into your cruise. But that way you can end up missing the very best port on your itinerary. In this series, each member of the Mundy team will pick their favourite embarkation or disembarkation port, and tell you why they like it…


Last year, for various work-related reasons I ended up in Venice three times in the space of three months: bliss! It allowed me to apply myself to finding the perfect Venice hotel, but to be honest, whilst some love the Cipriani for its beautiful views of Venice across the Giudecca Canal, a green haven of excellent service, and others the Danieli for its fantastic location right on the Grand Canal and just minutes from St Marks, to my mind given that you will be out and about all the time, you might as well go for a cheaper option: my latest preferred choices are the Metropole on the Riva degli Schiavoni and the Ai Reali which I particularly like for its little secluded garden.

Getting to your hotel from the airport by watertaxi is like a private excursion in itself, so although it's expensive, definitely do it if only once. The alternatives (waterbus, taxi to the station then onwards by foot) are not straightforward, particularly if you have plenty of luggage with you.


If you've never been to Venice, the sightseeing options are somewhat overwhelming, with churches, palaces, museums and galleries at every turn. On the basis that you can never see it all, I would recommend choosing a couple of highlights for each visit, and spending the rest of the time walking - a diversion of two minutes if that will take you off the main drag and away from the crowds, exploring tiny alleys, stumbling upon walled gardens, finding a quiet table next to a canal to enjoy a coffee and watch the world go by.

Our 'one highlight per visit' strategy meant that despite numerous stays in the city we had never seen St Marks, deterred by the long queues. The queue is jumped easily enough (call us to find out how) but I thoroughly recommend taking a private guide to enable you to get the most of this extraordinary cathedral.

When you are walking, don't miss the amazing market (turn right after crossing the Rialto Bridge), gondola museum and the Ghetto.

You might think a gondola ride is 'just for the tourists', but do it if you can if only to admire the extraordinary skill of the gondoliers as they manoeuvre their heavy craft around the narrow waterways. Your perspective on the city is very different from waterlevel, and on a quiet backwater you will be cast back to another age.

Beyond Venice

If you are staying for a few days, take time to travel outside Venice: take the vaporetto to the magical cemetery island of San Michele, travel on to Murano with its glass workshops, and on to Burano to admire the pretty pastel houses.

Or take a train to Padua, just 25 minutes away - prebook your visit to the Scrovegni chapel where the Giotto frescoes will blow you away.

Music, Art and Food

Other key things to think about in advance: music, art, and food…Maybe a little opera at the newly re-opened Fenice, or a Monteverdi two choir mass? You need to plan ahead and book tickets. Venice is a great centre for art, so check what exhibitions are on so you can include them in your schedule. And don't leave it until the day itself to book a table in that restaurant someone recommended - good quality Venice restaurants are very busy.

Whatever you're thinking of doing, speak to us and we can assist you with all your plans.

Edwina Lonsdale
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Edwina Lonsdale is Managing Director and, together with husband Matthew, owner of Mundy Cruising.

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